Bill Twine, Executive Director


Bill Lombardi, Manager
Reverend William B. Twine
Founder of Onesimus, Rev. Bill Twine is an ordained Southern Baptist Minister,
endorsed by the North American Missions Board.
 He retired after 30 years as chaplain of the St. Brides Correctional Center .

William P. Lombardi
     Bill Lombardi arrived at the Onesimus Training Center and successfully completed the six month program. He soon became an asset by making himself useful to staff. He started driving for the ministry and then became Kitchen Manager. As Kitchen Manger he maintained the Onesimus kitchen and handled the food from the Food Bank. Any time the Ministry had an excess amount of food, he always made sure it found a home. Later on, when there was a management position to fill, Bill didn't hesitate to step in. He assumed the Assistant Manager/ Senior Resident position, and assisted Rick knobloch with day to day needs. He is known to be passionate and caring about every resident. Always willing to help in any way possible.  Bill Lombardi also volunteered to drive the Ministry Van every Family Visitation to the area Prisons from 2009 - 2017 and drives the OTC residents to and from work.