Prison Fellowship 
June 2017

Hickory United Methodist Church
 Christmas Breakfast 2017

4th of July
Cook Out
Opportunities for Change

Holy Family Catholic Church
Just Faith Group
Led By:
Charles Warthen
Renee McCarthy

On March 6, 2016
Holy Family Catholic Church
Just Faith Group
Visited Onesimus Ministries to share a meal and fellowship with the residents.
The residents shared their stories and enjoyed a great meal. The group learned a great deal about the struggles these men face daily. It was a learning experience for all involved.

Raleigh Heights Baptist Church (WOM)

      Onesimus Ministries depends on the generosity of individuals in the community, like you, to provide items for people in need and much less fortunate than most folks. Since 1982, Onesimus Ministries has helped many individuals.

     We accept all non-perishable food items in unopened containers. Some of the most requested items are (canned foods,cereal, furniture,clothing,shoes,pre-owned vehicles and other used items). Cash donations,of course, are always welcome.

                    Making Financial Donations 

      Onesimus Ministries is also happy to accept financial donations. All Financial Donations assist our ministry in covering overhead costs, purchasing food, and assisting in expanding our services.

      For more information on donating to Onesimus-Ministries, feel free to e-mail us at or call us at (757) 421-2553.

Onesimus Ministries